Ranger Shauna

0D2B4C6E 1E7B 4FDC A2A4 3BAAE926BCA8Ranger Shauna from Capital Reef National Park was a guest at Hanksville Elementary School on Wednesday January 30,2019. Mrs Wilkins class is studying Earth’s structure and movement in Science. The Ranger’s presentation was on that very aspect of geology. Students learned how the Waterpocket Fold came to be, how erosion and changes over millions of years have created the beautiful area surrounding where we live. 

  “There’s more rocks than we see. They are underground, but you can see Them in canyons because the water has cut deeper into the ground,” says Miguel Whipple a 5th grader at HES. 

   We love learning about the earth and the beauty around our home. Visiting the National Park is always a highlight of our year. We appreciate the time the rangers have to enhance our educational studies. E778D83C E79C 4FCF 9940 4CC4FF2A2E9E

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Winters End

45E6D816 4DC1 48C9 A0CE 8A68C79CF46DWinter is slowly drawing to an end. We have had a lot of fun this winter season. We had the school play where the students got to sing their favorite Christmas music. In January the preschool students learned how to bake cupcakes and frost them. We celebrated our 100th day of school January 18, 2019, and K-5 had tons of fun with Ranger Shauna as they have been learning about geology. Mr. Fred Weihing has been comeing to Hanksville Elementary on Friday‘s to help the students with learning about wood work. It truly has been a very fun season. 

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Many fun things have been happening since the holidays began. Many of the students around Hanksville came dressed up for the Halloween carnival that was held at the school. We even had Scooby-doo and the gang show up to find monsters and ghost. The students enjoyed playing games and trunk-or-treating. During November the students learned about the pilgrims and Indians who learned to work together in hard times and about the first Thanksgiving. Hanksville Elementary hosted a Thanksgiving dinner where the Wells family and a few others in the community showed up to enjoy a wonderful turkey dinner. Soon after the town of Hanksville received a blanket of snow and the students are excited to play outside.

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Science Fair

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     The students at Hanksville Elementary had a blast with their science projects. They worked hard preparing their projects. The student who won first place did their science project on yeast and what would make the yeast rise faster. She discovered the fastest way to make yeast rise was in warm water with cane sugar.

     The second place winner did his project on how to make a homemade stethoscope. He discovered that though it was hard to make a stethoscope he was grateful that we have them.

     The third place winner did his project on ladybugs.

     All the students had fun working on their science  projects and learning new things.

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Red Ribbon Week

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Did you see the red balloons flying high into the sky above Hanksville Monday Oct. 29th? Do you know what they were for? Those were the pledges the students and staff of Hanksville Elementary school made to themselves to stay drug free. The students dressed as nerds on Monday because they are too 'Smart to start.' On Tuesday they remembered that 'life is a journey and to travel drug free.' Dressing like tourist for the day and remembering to always be kind and not bully others. Wednesday the 31st come but you wouldn't have caught these students sleeping. Though they were dressed in pj’s the excitement for Halloween kept them wide awake.

It’s super students dressing up as their favorite hero.  Like Captain America, Super Miguel, and some dressed as their greatest hero, their mothers.  On Friday the school was visited by some real super heros. Those who give their lives to save lives everyday. The Hanksville EMTs and Fire Department arrived to teach the students what happens in an emergency situation and what an emergency is and what they should do during the situation. The students climbed into the ambulance and excitedly learned about all the equipment that is used to help save lives. They then explored the fire truck and listened to the sirens. Many of the homeschooled students around Hanksville gathered for the exciting learning experience of a lifetime.

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Pinkeye worse germ

Wayne County Public Health nurse Taleah Moosman and Sara Bagley, Health Educator for the Central Utah Health Dept. visited Hanksville Elementary on Thursday, October 25, 2018.
Nurse Taleah discussed germs and illness with the students. “She told us about how the pinkeye germ is the worst.” Says Trea. Our hands touch a lot of different surfaces including our eyes and mouths. “Be sure to rub your fingertips and wash your wrists.” the Nurse reminded the students. She also talked to them about personal hygiene including teeth brushing. Each student received a new toothbrush and a bottle of hand sanitizer, which removes most germs but there are some, which still need to be washed off with soap and water.

Roll the dice! 6 and 4, there’s an exercise for that! Mrs. Bagley instructed the students on the importance of exercise and healthy eating. They exercised as they rolled the dice and found the exercise on the chart. She also instructed them to make healthy eating choices . After discussing the various food choices required for good daily health, each student make choices from a large variety of life like food and put them on their plate.
Good health, hygiene and exercise are important for our lives every day.

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Halloween Spooks

7B29F5E8 88B1 4D02 BFE7 50A57B78AA26  October is the month for spooks and scares. Goblins, ghost, witches, vampires, and the school nurse all creatures out to scare us. October has also brought us some beautiful sunny and rainy days. It also marks the beginning of the flu season. Many people are out there either getting sick or like young Miguel fighting fear and getting a flu shot. If you or your children need your flu shots you can go to the courthouse in Loa and the county nurse would be more then willing to give you and your loved ones a flu shot. 

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