Academic All State


The Academic All-State Award has been around more than two decades and honors student-athletes who are the best students in their respective sports, as well as key contributors on their varsity teams in their senior seasons.

Applicants are considered based on:

     A. Selection

           (1) GPA

           (2) Compute score on the highest of the following:

                 (a) ACT

                 (b) SAT

     B.   Personal Information:

           (1) Family members

           (2) Leadership activities

           (3) College/career plans

     C.   Statements to be considered in case of a tie: (50 words or less):

            (1) Why are academics important?

            (2) What are your goals?

            (3) Why are you academically successful?

These students work hard and we are so proud of you!

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Harvest Ball Week


                                           October 8-13th                                            

                                           Girls find a date            

             harvest ball.jpg

                                                               8th America Day- Chicken Chase

                                                               9th Judging

                                                              10th Hunting- Saddle Horse

                                                              11th Cowboys & Indians - Assembly


                                                              FFA Day / Blue & Gold


                                                              FFA Cakes - Dance / Floor Show

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HOSA Blood Drive



Help save a life!

Come and support the Wayne High School HOSA Blood Drive. 

If you have questions contact a HOSA member

or Debbie James 435-425-3411

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This is a powerful statement that these young people are making.  They are trying to stand together this year.  In a quote from Helen Keller, "Alone we can do so little together we can do so much."  May we take a step toward being closer as a school and accomplishing amazing things.  We would also like to express a special thanks to Lori and David Chappell for donating the shirts to the high school.

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