Understanding & Empathy

Trust Walk 2

On September 27, 2018, the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind visited Wayne Middle School. They helped students in each grade understand what it could be like to be both deaf and blind (deaf-blind or deaf-blindness).  

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Fall Into Learning Dance

Fall Dance 1
On September 27, 2018, Wayne Middle School had a “Fall Into Learning” school dance.
6th graders and new students had an opportunity to learn some dance steps the week before the dance.  Student Council members helped teach line dances and couples dances, so everyone would have some moves and some grooves :).  It was a great activity.  6th, 7th, and 8th grades participated and seemed to have a really good time.
Fall Dance 2
Thanks to all involved with helping to organize and coordinate the dance - Mr. Lance Peterson for approving the activity, students who made suggestions for songs, Mr. Cliff Peterson for his help with the sound system, Student Council members for teaching dances, organizing music, decorating and cleaning up, Aspen New for photography, teachers for being chaperones, and Mrs. Batty for the treats!
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Emma Hallows

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Student Council 2018 - 2019

2nd Semester

Appointed Eighth Grade Ambassadors

Alexandra Christensen

Aspen New

Natalie Whipple

Elected Student Council Ambassadors

8th Grade

Kassidy Christensen

Skylar Unsworth

7th Grade

Gabrielle Christensen

6th Grade

Alex Varney

Parker Hallows


1st Semester

Appointed Eighth Grade Ambassadors

Ali Rees

Emma Hallows

Nicholas Brown

Elected Student Council Ambassadors

8th Grade

Bryndis Maw

Elena Peterson

7th Grade

Lacey Ellett

6th Grade

Kylee Pace


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WMS Honor Roll - 2nd Quarter - 2018-2019

High Honor Roll – 4.0 GPA

8th Grade: Kassidy Christensen, Emma Hallows, Bryndis Maw, Elena Peterson, Ali Rees, 

Hadlee Taylor

7th Grade: Lacey Ellett, Jake Peterson, Savannah Williams

High Honor Roll – 3.8 to 4.0 GPA

8th Grade:  Brinlee Brian, Nicholas Brown, Alexandra Christensen, Haylie Durfey, 

McCrae Fillmore, Aspen New, Manny Rascon, Kate Torgerson, AnDee VanDyke

7th Grade: Brylee Brown, McClain Nelson, Ryker Peterson

6th Grade:  Audrey Alexander, Raegyn Blackburn, Koyo Ito, MaKayla Jones, Ethan Petree,

Andrea Portmann

Honor Roll – 3.5 to 3.8 GPA

8th Grade:  Eric Brill, Reed Edwards, Cheyanne Jensen, Hunter Mitchell, Miah Pace, JT Potter, 

Garrett Robins, Quade Snedeger, Skylar Unsworth

7th Grade: Jake Batty, Gabrielle Christensen, Ambria Giles, Ammon Peterson, Mark Pineda

6th Grade: Makaylee Burningham, Randy Christensen, Ayla Deakin, Clancey Fillmore, 

Braydon Lee, Kylee Pace, Avarie Salt

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Many fun things have been happening since the holidays began. Many of the students around Hanksville came dressed up for the Halloween carnival that was held at the school. We even had Scooby-doo and the gang show up to find monsters and ghost. The students enjoyed playing games and trunk-or-treating. During November the students learned about the pilgrims and Indians who learned to work together in hard times and about the first Thanksgiving. Hanksville Elementary hosted a Thanksgiving dinner where the Wells family and a few others in the community showed up to enjoy a wonderful turkey dinner. Soon after the town of Hanksville received a blanket of snow and the students are excited to play outside.

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Red Ribbon Week

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Did you see the red balloons flying high into the sky above Hanksville Monday Oct. 29th? Do you know what they were for? Those were the pledges the students and staff of Hanksville Elementary school made to themselves to stay drug free. The students dressed as nerds on Monday because they are too 'Smart to start.' On Tuesday they remembered that 'life is a journey and to travel drug free.' Dressing like tourist for the day and remembering to always be kind and not bully others. Wednesday the 31st come but you wouldn't have caught these students sleeping. Though they were dressed in pj’s the excitement for Halloween kept them wide awake.

It’s super students dressing up as their favorite hero.  Like Captain America, Super Miguel, and some dressed as their greatest hero, their mothers.  On Friday the school was visited by some real super heros. Those who give their lives to save lives everyday. The Hanksville EMTs and Fire Department arrived to teach the students what happens in an emergency situation and what an emergency is and what they should do during the situation. The students climbed into the ambulance and excitedly learned about all the equipment that is used to help save lives. They then explored the fire truck and listened to the sirens. Many of the homeschooled students around Hanksville gathered for the exciting learning experience of a lifetime.

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