School Board Meeting 1

Join us for the Wayne School Board Meeting on August 11, 2021 at 6 pm at Wayne High School. You can also join the meeting online through webex using the link or information below. 

Meeting Link:

Meeting Number: 177 681 4788
Meeting Password: wayneboard


Truth in Taxation 6:00
1. Administration
2. Summary presentation of tax proposal
3. Citizen Comments (2 min max per indiv)
4. Business Items
5. Adjournment

Board Meeting

I. 6:15 Administration 
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance 
3. Reverence
4. Approval of Minutes
II. 6:20 Financial Review 
1. Accounts Payable
III. 6:25 Citizen Comments
IV. 6:35 Information Items
1. Superintendent Report
2. Committee Reports
V. 7:00 Business Items
1. Approve Cell Phone Stipends
2. Approve transfer from General to Capital Fund 
3. Policies
a. First Reading
b. Second Reading 
c. Third Reading
4. New Hires
5. Employee Separations
VI. 8:00 Closed Session as permitted by Utah Code Annotated Section 52-4-205(1)(a)VII. 9:00 Adjournment(Closed Session Will Be Held Pursuant to Utah Code Annotated Section 52-4-4)