Modified: 30 April 2020

Approved: 14 October 2020

Instructional Resources: 

Purchase of Primary Instructional Materials

Independent Core Curriculum Alignment Analysis Required—

            Before the District or any school within the District may purchase any primary instructional materials, the proposed materials provider must have contracted with an independent third party to evaluate and map the alignment of the primary instructional materials with the State core standards for Utah public schools, and a detailed summary of that evaluation must have been made available for use by teachers and the general public on a public website at no charge. The cost of satisfying this requirement must be paid by the proposed materials provider, and the materials provider may not perform the evaluation, summary, or web-site publication of the evaluation.

Utah Code § 53E-4-408(1), (2) (2020)

Requirements May Not Be Performed By the Board or the District—

            Neither the Board of Education nor the District may perform the evaluation, summary, or website publication of the evaluation.

Utah Code § 53E-4-408(2) (2020)