Created: 15 July 2008

Modified:  20 March 2019

Approved: 9 October 2019


Testing Procedures and Standards

Purpose of the Policy—

The Board adopts this policy to provide specific standards and procedures to govern handling and administration of standardized tests. The Board has determined that compliance with this policy is an essential job function of all educators and failure to abide by this policy is grounds for adverse employment action including termination.

Administration of Statewide Assessments—

The District shall administer statewide assessments to all students enrolled in the grade level or course to which the assessment applies, with the following exceptions:

1. The student has been exempted under the procedures set forth in Policy EFBB.

2. A student’s IEP team, English Learner team, or Section 504 accommodation plan team shall determine that student’s participation in statewide assessments consistent with the Utah Participation and Accommodations Policy.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-5(1) (February 22, 2019)

District Statewide Assessment Plan—

The District shall develop a plan to administer statewide assessments. After considering and making any appropriate changes, the plan shall be submitted to the State Superintendent by September 15 of each year.

The plan shall include:

1. The dates that the District shall administer each statewide assessment; 

2. Professional development for an educator to fully implement the assessment system;

3. Training for educators and appropriate paraprofessionals in the requirements of assessment administration ethics; and

4. Training for educators and appropriate paraprofessionals in using statewide assessment results effectively to inform instruction.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-5(2), (3), (4) (February 22, 2019)

Time Periods for Administering Statewide Assessments—

A District educator or trained employee shall administer statewide assessments required under Utah Admin. Rule R277-404-5 consistent with the schedule established by the State Superintendent and the District’s assessment plan.

A District educator or trained employee shall complete all required assessment procedures prior to the end of the assessment window defined by the State Superintendent.

If the District requires an alternative schedule with assessment dates outside of the State Superintendent’s published schedule, it shall submit the alternative testing plan to the State Superintendent by September 1 annually. The plan shall set dates for assessment administration for courses taught face-to-face or online.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-4(3) (February 22, 2019)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-5(8), (9), (10) (February 22, 2019)

District Assessment Training—

District assessment staff will use the Standard Test Administration and Testing Ethics Policy in providing training for all assessment administrators and proctors. (This policy can be obtained online at https// or from the State Board of Education at 250 East 500 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

At least once each school year, the District will provide professional development for all educators, administrators, and assessment administrators concerning guidelines and procedures for statewide assessment administration, including educator responsibility for assessment security and proper professional practices.

The District may not release state assessment data publicly until authorized to do so by the State Superintendent.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-5(5), (6), (7) (February 22, 2019)

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-3 (February 22, 2019)

School Responsibilities—

The District, school, or educator may not use a student’s score on a state required assessment to determine:

  1. The student’s academic grade, or a portion of the student’s academic grade, for the appropriate course; or
  2. Whether the student may advance to the next grade level.

The District or a school or educator may consider, as one of multiple lines of evidence, a student’s score on a state required assessment to determine whether a student may enroll in an honors, advanced placement, or International Baccalaureate course. However, a student may not be prohibited from enrolling in one of these courses based on the student’s score on a state required assessment or because the student was exempted from taking a state required assessment.


In accordance with Utah Code § 53G-6-803, the school shall reasonably accommodate a parent’s request to allow a student’s demonstration of proficiency on a state required assessment to fulfill a requirement in a course.

The District and school shall require an educator and assessment administrator and proctor to individually sign the testing ethics signature page provided by the State Superintendent acknowledging or assuring that the educator administers assessments consistent with ethics and protocol requirements.

All educators and assessment administrators shall conduct assessment preparation, supervise assessment administration, and certify assessment results before providing results to the State Superintendent.

All educators and assessment administrators and proctors shall securely handle and return all protected assessment materials, where instructed, in strict accordance with the procedures and directions specified in assessment administration manuals, District rules and policies, and the Standard Test Administration and Testing Ethics Policy.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-6 (February 22, 2019)

District Employee Compliance with Assessment Requirements, Protocols, and Security— 

Teachers, administrators, and all District personnel shall not:

  1. Provide a student directly or indirectly with a specific question, answer, or the content of any specific item in a standardized assessment prior to assessment administration;
  2. Download, copy, print, take a picture of, or make any facsimile of protected assessment material prior to, during, or after assessment administration without express permission of the State Superintendent and a District administrator;
  3. Change, alter, or amend any student online or paper response or any other standardized assessment material at any time in a way that alters the student's intended response;
  4. Use any prior form of any standardized assessment, including pilot assessment materials, that the State Superintendent has not released in assessment preparation without express permission of the State Board and a District administrator;
  5. Violate any specific assessment administrative procedure specified in the assessment administration manual, violate any state or District standardized assessment policy or procedure, or violate any procedure specified in the State Board testing ethics policy;
  6. Fail to administer a state required assessment;
  7. Fail to administer a state required assessment within the designated assessment window;
  8. Submit falsified data;
  9. Allow a student to copy, reproduce, or photograph an assessment item or component; or
  10. Knowingly do anything that would affect the security, validity, or reliability of standardized assessment scores of any individual student, class, or school.

A school employee shall promptly report an assessment violation or irregularity to a building administrator, the District Superintendent, or the State Superintendent.

An educator who violates this rule or an assessment protocol is subject to Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission or Board disciplinary action consistent with Utah Admin. Rule R277-515.

All assessment material, questions, and student responses for required assessments are designated protected, consistent with Utah Code § 63G-2-305, until released by the State Superintendent.

The District shall ensure that all assessment content is secured so that only authorized personnel have access and that assessment materials are returned to the State Superintendent following testing, as required by the State Superintendent.

An individual educator or school employee may not retain or distribute test materials, in either paper or electronic form, for purposes inconsistent with ethical test administration or beyond the time period allowed for test administration.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-8 (February 22, 2019)

Reporting Assessment Results—

UTREx data shall be updated using the processes and according to the schedules determined by the State Superintendent. The District shall ensure that any computer software for maintaining or submitting District data is compatible with data reporting requirements established in R277-484. The District shall ensure that all statewide assessment data have been collected and certify that the data are ready for accountability purposes no later than July 12. The District shall verify that it has satisfied all the requirements of the State Superintendent’s directions regarding data exchange and reporting requirements.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-404-9 (February 22, 2019)

Referral to State Board for Violation—

Any employee violating this policy shall be subject to adverse employment action, including, but not limited to, termination of employment, and any such educator shall be referred to the Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission of the State Board of Education for possible disciplinary action.