Citizenship Graduation Requirements

Core Graduation Requirements—

            To graduate and earn a high school diploma or certificate of completion, each student must satisfy the following requirements in addition to the state and District academic requirements for the diploma or certificate.

Citizenship Requirements—

            Each student must earn and maintain a minimum cumulative Citizenship Grade Point Average of at least 2.0 for grades 9-12.  The citizenship grading shall be based on the following scale:

4.0 Honor                              (H)

2.0 Satisfactory                    (S)

1.0  Needs Improvement    (N)

0.0 Incomplete                     (U)

            Students will be given a citizenship grade in each class.  The expected behaviors will be stated by each teacher at the beginning of each course, clearly defining behavior that is considered poor or failing.

Remediation of Unsatisfactory Citizenship Point Average—

            At the end of each year, students who fail to maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative citizenship point average will be notified that graduation is in jeopardy.  The parent(s) and/or guardians and the student must meet with the principal to establish a written citizenship remediation program designed to achieve an acceptable cumulative citizenship point average.

            Detention hours need to be cleared by performing community service, detention hours, or paying $10.00 per hour in order to meet citizenship graduation requirements.