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A Personal Thank You!


The summer has flown by quickly, and it is time for school to start again.  Anticipation is high as everyone prepares for another productive, challenging and exciting school year.

As school begins, I would like to personally express my deep appreciation for all our wonderful district employees.  I hope you have had an enjoyable summer and had time to refresh and renew as you each anticipate your roles and responsibilities in the coming year.  

We have had to tighten our collective belts, as we deal with very difficult revenue issues.  It has been great to experience the cooperative attitudes and willingness of employees to accept the fact that revenue is tight, and that difficult changes have had to be made.

The School Board has accepted the challenge of raising taxes in order to help support our critical educational needs, and we anticipate that our public and patrons will also appreciate the difficult situations and decisions we face, and join in these efforts.  Unfortunately, it seems there is never enough money or time to accomplish our goals, but still all community stakeholders always seem to pull together to graduate the best students ANYWHERE!

It is essential that we all recognize the importance of helping every child in the District be successful not only in academics, but in citizenship and in life.  Employees, please take time in your busy schedule ahead, to pat yourself on the back and recognize that your work is essential and appreciated.  Thanks for all you do!

With Greatest Respect,

-Superintendent Torgerson

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College and Careers

There are few activities in our community and state that are more important than supporting and improving the quality of public education. A quality education is the surest strategy for improving our quality of life and advancing our chances for a sound and robust economy.

Wayne School District is committed to help the Governor reach the state goal of 66% of adults completing a degree or certificated post secondary program by 2020. The District is focusing its resources from Pre-School to Graduation on programs to help prepare our students to be college and career ready when they graduate. Some of these programs include:

  • Pre-school and Upstart
  • A full day Kindergarten option
  • Substantial investment in the One-to-One technology initiative
  • A significant increase in concurrent enrollment offerings and enrollment
  • A music program offering in the Elementary School
  • A greater focus on educator professional development and instructional improvement

The business community throughout the state is also placing greater emphasis on the importance of Education, and is working in collaboration with the Governor’s initiative and state school officials to improve education in Utah. Business non-profit partnerships such as “Prosperity 2020,” “Education Now,” and “Education First,” are aggressively championing the importance of investment in public education.

Over the next few weeks, articles in the Insider will focus more specifically on some of these programs and our goal to have our students prepared and ready for College and Careers. Please be informed.

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Future Facilities Planning

Wayne School District passed a tax increase through the Truth-In-Taxation process to prepare for future critical building needs in the District.  This increased tax funding can only be used for Capital improvements or new construction in the District.  Facilities in the District are beginning to reach a critical point at which serious decisions must be made in order to keep them safe and viable for students and district personnel. The remodels that have been done in the past have continually added more stress, and increased work loads on the buildings, and they are showing serious signs of needed repair and improvement.

Wayne District School Board has completed an initial “Facilities Needs Assessment,” and are now ready to begin developing a comprehensive facilities improvement plan.  The objective of this planning will be to develop short and long term priorities and goals in order to provide careful and strategic use of resources as the District moves forward.

The “Facilities Needs Assessment,” includes several comprehensive District proposals as a starting point to this future planning.  This assessment can be found here.  We are encouraging public input and participation in the development of these strategic building plans.  If you would like to help or make suggestions on this project, we encourage you to contact the Wayne School District office or discuss your interests with a school board member.  We look forward to your positive input as we plan ahead.  Please be informed.  

Facilities Needs Assessment

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Wayne School District Facilities


With new Board members in place, plans were made to begin the process of determining the safety, utility, and future considerations of its District facilities. Bids were advertised and sought to contract with an architectural firm to make an assessment of the facilities, and also consider various options for future building needs. Naylor Wentworth & Lund architects was awarded the contract to examine all facilities, and prepare a comprehensive summary of their condition and also present cost estimates for various options for future construction.

This firm brought in experts to examine structural, electrical, plumbing, and heating systems in all buildings except Hanksville Elementary. This was a thorough assessment based on actual time spent by construction professionals, carefully examining all important components in each building. The results of this facilities assessment demonstrated the critical condition of the aging and stressed buildings and building systems in the District, and was a key factor in the Board’s decision to raise taxes for future capital improvements.

Many questions have been asked about the Capital tax increase and how those funds will be used. The Facilities Needs Assessments has been referenced often in the tax information published and discussed in the truth-in-taxation hearings, and will provide the impetus for future discussions and decisions regarding a comprehensive improvement plan. This assessment will be available on the District web site and will help drive the decisions required in the future to use these Capital Levy funds most efficiently. No decisions have been made on future facilities, and public input is encouraged as this planning begins.

-Superintendent Burke Torgerson

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Wayne School District is ready for 2016-2017!

Wayne School District is ready for the upcoming school year with energy and excitement. Each of the district schools are continuing with their strong educational programs and adding exciting new elements that are designed to increase our educational excellence. 

At Loa Elementary Mrs. Blackburn stated that, “The teachers and staff at Loa Elementary school are determined to deliver outstanding instruction throughout the 2016-2017 school year. We will continue to create a school where safety, respect, accountability, support and excellence are highly evident. We are committed to providing foundational instruction in the core areas of language arts, math, and science, as well as using STEAM as an educational framework that can be used in all disciplines. STEAM is an approach the uses science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. This year we will be implementing monthly school-wide STEAM projects in an effort to better prepare our students for the challenges of the future. We encourage parents and volunteers to get involved with these projects. We are extremely excited to work with the amazing students at Loa Elementary and look forward to seeing all of you as we begin a new school year! We invite you to join us as we make Loa Elementary a place where the Arts are used as a lever for explosive growth, social-emotional connections, and the foundation for the innovators of tomorrow….today!” 

There have been several staff changes at Wayne Middle School. "We are excited to get back to school this year! It is going to be great year!” Stated Mr. Peterson, “We hope you had a refreshing summer and are ready to come back to school, I know all of the teachers and staff at the middle school are. We have several new additions this year. We are welcoming some new faces to our WMS community. Corri Robinson will be teaching 7th and 8th grade English, and 6th grade Science. Nikki Stringham will also be with us for 2 hours to teach the 7th grade Utah Studies classes. We are excited to have them join us this year! We are also excited to have Lori Chappell back with us teaching our Band classes. Along with these new staff members we have some exciting new academic opportunities. We have added Spanish as an elective course and a program called Odyssey, which will allow us to offer some new and interesting elective course opportunities. Again we are excited to see all of you in a few weeks! We hope you are too!” 

The pinnacle of our district education system is Wayne High School. It continues to provide rigorous classes that are preparing our students for their future. They provide concurrent college classes in the high school as well as a host of career and technology classes. Mrs. Bray stated that, “I am excited to start this school year and am reminded that this process we call education is a journey for everyone involved. Students, teachers, parents and the whole community navigate this journey together and that each of us will emerge next spring with more wisdom, experience and character than we have today. May we all strive to understand and embrace our roles and do our very best to serve and support each other along the way. Bring on 2016-2017!!!” 

Our little school in Hanksville is also ready for the upcoming school year. We welcome Mrs. Wilkins as our new head teacher at Hanksville Elementary. “Excitement comes with each new school year as we look towards new beginnings: new classes, new faces, new expectations, new schedules, and new materials.” stated Mrs. Wilkins. “I am looking forward to a positive and upbeat year at Hanksville Elementary School. We have a few changes in our staff, bringing new ideas and new enthusiasm. With the help of teachers, staff, students and parents we will continue to be a school community in which every person feels respected, valued, and is challenged to achieve great things. Parents, please continue to help us by reinforcing school expectations at home. I look forward to working with you and the children throughout the school year to provide a productive and safe learning environment that supports student success. We can all improve and support each other when we carry with us the things I have asked the students to bring to school: a good attitude, a desire to learn, and a willing determination to work hard and not give up!” 

I am looking forward to meeting each parent and student as we work together to provide a high quality educational experience for each student and family. If you ever have any questions or concerns you can always call me at the District Office (435-425-3806). I also have an anonymous text service if you feel that you need anonymity (435-574-1543


Dr. John M. Fahey 
Superintendent of Schools 
Wayne School District 

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