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Learning About Utah Mining

miningMrs. Stringham's 7th grade Utah History students have been learning about Utah mining. Utah History covers many topics about the state of Utah, including history, geography and the economics of the state. Mrs. Stringham does a lot of hands on activities which help the students gain a deeper appreciation of the topics. The last activity was based on the mining industry. The class spent time "mining" for chocolate chips! Just like the original miners of Utah who mined for gold and silver, the class mined for chocolate chips. Each student participated by "buying" tools, "paying" for land, and "collecting" samples.

It was a fun and exciting day. Once the chips were extracted from the "land" (cookie), the students used their math skills to determine if they made a profit with their materials or lost money on their mining expedition. This class worked hard to see exactly what the "original miners" did and how they lived in the early 1800s in Utah. This has been a great class, and Mrs. Stringham is very pleased with their participation in the class and the activities. 

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