A public hearing will be held August 7 at 6 pm at the Wayne Middle School Library (75 N Center, Bicknell) about the 2019 proposed tax increase. 

One of the biggest challenges statewide is education funding. The legislature funds education primarily through income tax, but they always look at our 'local effort' (local tax collections) to see if we are doing our 'share'. Due to the relatively low dollar amount (less than .2% of our total operating budget) it's not earmarked for anything specific, but in general:

  • Capital Fund - right now we are saving a good amount of our capital funds (over $300,000 per year) for large long-term projects.
  • Maintenance & Operations or General Fund - used to run the school district, over 73% is used for salaries and benefits for staff.

Details of the increase are shown on the slide below.