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WMS Posts 4th Quarter Honor Roll

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High Honor Roll – 4.0 GPA
8th Grade: Brylee Brown, Callan Chesnut, Lacey Ellett, McClain Nelson, Jake Peterson,
Savannah Williams
7th Grade: Audrey Alexander, Raegyn Blackburn, Andrea Portmann, TaKara Taylor
6th Grade: Miles Hinkle, Stetsyn Lamb, Crosby Saign

High Honor Roll – 3.8 to 4.0 GPA
8th Grade: Jake Batty, Chance Brian
7th Grade: Shayla Barlow, Randy Christensen, Koyo Ito, MaKayla Jones, Kylee Pace,
Russell Van Dyke
6th Grade: Oaklee Brian, Paizlee Jackson, Hunter Robins, Gracie Snedeger, Chloe Stewart,
Bree Torgerson

Honor Roll – 3.5 to 3.8 GPA
8th Grade: Roper Cropper, Ambria Giles, Carson Lee, Ammon Peterson
7th Grade: Makaylee Burningham, Ayla Deakin, Clancey Fillmore, Addison Lee, Braydon Lee,
Ethan Petree, Umha Vera-Paz
6th Grade: Devin Bowling, Dawson Giles, Timber Giles, Micah Morrill, Gage New,
Blake Peterson, Alejandro Rosales

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WMS Posts 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

High Honor Roll – 4.0 GPA

8th Grade:  Brylee Brown, Lacey Ellett, McClain Nelson, Jake Peterson, Savannah Williams

7th Grade:  

6th Grade:  Miles Hinkle, Crosby Saign

High Honor Roll – 3.8 to 4.0 GPA

8th Grade:  Callan Chesnut, Ryker Peterson

7th Grade:  Audrey Alexander, Shayla Barlow, Raegyn Blackburn, Clancey Fillmore, Emma Hickman, Koyo Ito, MaKayla Jones, Ethan Petree, Andrea Portmann

6th Grade:  Timber Giles, Paizlee Jackson, Gracie Snedeger, Bree Torgerson

Honor Roll – 3.5 to 3.8 GPA

8th Grade:  Jake Batty, Roper Cropper, Ian Faddis, Silas James, Ammon Peterson

7th Grade:  Ayla Deakin, Braydon Lee, Derek Lyman, Kylee Pace, Avarie Salt, TaKara Taylor, Gavin Torrey, Russell VanDyke, Umha Vera-Paz, Kylee Woolsey

6th Grade:  Devin Bowling, Brakehl Brown, Lacey Brown, Stetsyn Lamb, Micah Morrill, Blake Peterson, Izzy Riddle, Alejandro Rosales, Chloe Stewart, Tylee Torgerson

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T.R.A.C.K.(ing) Wolverine Citizens

Here at Wayne Middle School we have started a program called Wolverine T.R.A.C.K.S. to promote what it means to be a positive and contributing citizen of our school, and beyond into our communities and country. Over the course of the next days and weeks we will be introducing this program to WMS students, to you as parents, and to our communities. 

Yesterday we introduced information about what being a citizen means. Citizenship is defined as “being a member of and supporting one’s community and country.” 

How do we define community?  We are all members of many communities.  Some examples include: Wayne Middle School, our families, sports teams, dance classes, the casts of plays, 4-H etc.   

We asked our students to respond to the following prompt:
For today, provide one example of how you hope to be a Wolverine citizen over the next week. 

We wanted to show a few examples of what we got! We are proud of our students who are all becoming GREAT citizens!


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