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WMS Freedom Wall

Throughout this school year, a Student Council project has been to design and create a "Freedom Wall" at Wayne Middle School.  The purpose of the Freedom Wall is to help us all remember and reflect upon our great nation, and to honor the service and sacrifice that has been given to provide the freedom and liberty we enjoy.

The Freedom Wall has begun to take shape!  After the plans were finalized, some prep work and painting was done to make the wall stand out.  Almost all of the paint made it on the wall, as intended. :) Some signs were placed, and then the work of hanging the important items began.

Freedom Wall - 5.png

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WMS Ski Trip - 2018

Ski Trip 1      Ski Trip 1


Ski Trip




This year's annual ski trip took place February 28th.  It is one of the quarterly activities (2nd quarter) organized for WMS students each school year.  The quarterly activities are intended to be a reward for students who have earned the privilege of participating by passing all of their classes and having good citizenship during the previous quarter.

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Making Good Choices Assembly

On January 26th, Wayne Middle School had an assembly on making good choices and the danger of addiction. Will Ferguson was our presenter and he stressed the importance of school and making good choices. He used examples from his life. He is a former football player that became addicted to pain medication after a sports injury. He emphasized the dangers of all types of addiction.

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