Wolverine Word
Wayne Middle School

November 2022

Wayne Wolverines work hard…play hard

Every Wednesday is Wolverine Wednesday!

Wear your purple and gold!


Wayne Middle School has a new citizenship policy that was put into effect at midterm of 1st quarter. Parents and students received notice of the few changes via email. Citizenship is one thing taken into consideration when we are deciding who is eligible to participate in activities and go on school trips.


WMS Citizenship Policy

Students are in school to receive an education. This education is not only grades earned in classes, but behavior, attendance, and being able to follow the rules set up by the school.

There are certain behaviors that will result in the loss of citizenship for the quarter. Each quarter, students begin with a clean slate in both grades and citizenship. However, absence notices will be carried through the entire school year. (Citizenship for absences and tardies will be quarter by quarter.)

Some of the school rules and policies to remember are the attendance policy, the dress code policy, the electronic/personal device policy, and the discipline expectations that are set in each classroom and the school. If you have any questions about any of these, please feel free to contact Mrs. Stringham, (435)425-3421 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below, you will find the citizenship grading scale:

H- To receive an H citizenship grade, students must have fewer than 4 unexcused absences, fewer than 3 tardies, and/or no office referrals for behavior.

S- To receive an S citizenship grade, students can have 4 unexcused absences, fewer than 5 tardies, and/or no office referrals for behavior. An S citizenship grade could also be the result of a student not meeting the expectations set by a teacher in a classroom.

N- To receive an N citizenship grade students can have 5-9 unexcused absences, 5-9 tardies, and/or office referrals that are considered minor. An N citizenship grade could also be the result of a student not meeting the expectations set by a teacher in a classroom.

U- To receive a U citizenship grade students will have 10 or more unexcused absences, 10 or more tardies, and/or office referrals that are considered major and resulted in some form of detention or behavior restructure. A U citizenship grade could also be the result of a student not meeting the expectations set by a teacher in a classroom.

*There is a difference between excused and unexcused absences. *Three or more tardies will result in lunch detention.

To qualify as an excused absence the office must have a doctor’s note, a call from parents (when student is sick) at least by 10:00 a.m. the day of illness, a phone call at least 24 hours in advance for family trips, or the absence must be a school sanctioned trip. 

Break the Rules..Breaks the Bank! 

October 24-October 28 was Wayne Middle School’s annual Break the Rules week. We had a lot of fun, and were able to raise A LOT of money! The money that was raised will be used to pay for the bus transportation for our school activity trips.

The first quarter activity trip will be Thursday, November 10. We will be going to Richfield to the bowling alley. Permission slips have been sent home. Please sign and return with the activity fee of $12 on or before November 8, 2022.

There are some students who are not eligible to go with us because of citizenship, behavior, or grades. On our next activity, we want EVERYONE to be able to participate, so don’t miss too much school, don’t be tardy, be a good human, and get those grades up!

Mrs.R’s Classes

Mrs. Corri Robinson is our awe-inspiring and most spectacular English teacher at WMS! This year, Mrs. R is having the English classes read a book together (6,7,8). The 6th-grade class will be reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. The 7th-grade class will be reading The Outsiders by SE Hinton, and the 8th-grade class will be reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. Be sure to ask students about the awesome things happening in Mrs. R’s classroom!

Our Music and CCA Addition-Sade Syme

Mrs. Sade Syme is just THE BEST! She’s been working to help students develop a love of music and an appreciation of all things fun and exciting with learning. She and Mr. Bryson Syme are working together with the 7th-grade CCA class. She has been working with Mrs. Tina Peterson on the high school musical, and even though we hate to share her with the high school, she’s doing an amazing job at all the schools! The CCA class and teachers have an exciting trip planned for November 16 to go see Snow College. Ask a student about the great things they are learning from Mrs. Syme.

What’s the Drama?-Tina Peterson

We are so lucky to be able to welcome Mrs. Tina Peterson as our Technical Theater teacher. She is doing some pretty amazing things with the actors we have on campus, and we are so excited to see the play! Mrs. Peterson is a locally raised drama star, and she’s got some great plans for the students at Wayne Middle School and Wayne High School. By the way, Wayne Middle School is in the process of creating a Drama Club. More information will be coming soon!

Come out and watch our star performers!

Honor Roll-1st Quarter 2022-2023

4.0 Honors

4.0– 6th Grade: Lyndee Jones, Kamrie Peterson, Kylie Stewart

4.0–7th Grade: Jack Allred, Rigg Brinkerhoff, Payden Jackson, Jaiden Pace, Kylie Palmer

4.0–8th Grade: Autumn Chesnut, Cienna Cropper, Lillian Morrill, Rylan Taylor, AJ VanDyke

High Honor

3.8-3.99–6th Grade: Trigg Edwards, Reiss Giles, Alania Grundy, Sophee Torgerson

3.8-3.99–7th Grade: Tate Saunders, Ava Snedeger

3.8-3.99–8th Grade: Ava Petree, Cassie Rees


3.5–3.79–6th Grade: Leah Bray, Aleksander Drumm, Ruger Grundy, Slade Taylor, Cambria Torgrimson

3.5-3.79–7th Grade: Luke Beecher, Kortnee Burningham, Canyon Daley, Sofi Lafaele

3.5–3.79–8th Grade: Keaton Giles


Perfect Attendance-1st Quarter 2022-2023

Perfect Attendance-No Tardies: Kemrie Brown, David Rosales, Kortnee Burningham, Cienna Cropper

Perfect Attendance-3 Tardies or Less  : Seth Brown, Brodie Deakin


From Mrs. Stringham’s Office…

I love working at Wayne Middle School! The faculty and staff are the very best, and everyone here is determined to see students succeed. There are always setbacks to achieving greatness, but the very best things in life are always achieved through hard work and dedication. First quarter has had some highs and lows, but we work together as a team, and our team spirit gets us through! 


Here’s a quote to get you thinking…

“Inside of me there are two dogs. One is mean and evil, and the other is good, and they fight each other all the time. When asked which one wins, I answer, “The one I feed the most.”--Sitting Bull


Hope Squad Makes a Difference…

Mrs. Erica Taft and the Hope Squad have a tree with leaves falling full of messages of hope, kindness, and good responsible students in the hallway. When you walk through the hall, be sure to read some of the messages!

We are moving into the 2nd quarter, and we have some great things planned. Parents, if your student is going to be absent, please call the office. Students, get and keep your grades up and don’t be tardy to class!

Wayne Middle School is the best place to be!