by Oaklee Brian

RICHFIELD- March 11, in Panguitch the 8th Grade volleyball team played their first games for the season. They played against Valley, Cedar, and Richfield.

The first game was against Valley, after serving back and forth the Wayne girls finally beat Valley in two sets. Next, they played against Cedar, though they lost both sets they still felt like they had an alright performance. Last, they played against Richfield. The game started out alright but then the Wayne girls got in a little bit of a hole. Fighting hard they pulled themselves together and beat Richfield barely winning both sets.

Macey J. Was asked what her favorite part was she responded by saying, “Definitely when I blocked Jersey.” Richfield’s best hitter. Lacey B. Was asked if she felt that the experience was fun, “yes, because we worked as a team.” Macey was also asked what team she felt they played best as a team and she answered, “Probably the Richfield team.” Through all the information these two players gave, the team had a fun time at their first game, excited for more to come.

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