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LES Attendance Policy

Loa Elementary Attendance Policy


Utah State Law requires parents and/or guardians to ensure that their child attends school every day. Research has proven that students who miss much more than ten days of school each year begin to show signs of academic problems. We cannot teach students who are not in attendance. 

  • Students are expected to be in their seats on time.
  • Every absence from school must be reported. Parents must inform the school if their child is absent.
  • Parents must call the school  if they know their child will be late for school.
  • Students arriving after the tardy bell must report at the office.
  • If a student is to leave during the school day, he/she must have a written request from a parent/guardian.
  • Parents who pick up students during school hours must pick them up from the front office.
  • Students having a change in their daily routine at the end of the day must bring a note from home informing the school of the change.

Excessive Absences

Students are expected to be in school every day. Excessive absences are considered to be a student missing more than ten days per year.

  • When a student has missed ten days, a letter will be sent from the school office.
  • When a student has missed twenty days, a second letter will be sent requesting a conference with parent/guardian, teacher and principal.
  • Consideration will be noted for serious illness, surgery, family vacations, and/or other unexpected extended absences.
  • When possible, parents must inform the school in advance if they are aware of an extended student absence (three or more days).

If students miss ten consecutive days with no notice, they will be dropped from our roles.

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