2019 Survey for Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Beginning Monday, February 4th, CUES region will be administering online school surveys. All parents or guardians of current students are invited to participate. The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback about teachers, principals, and schools based on interactions during the 2018-2019 school year. Responses are anonymous and no personal information is collected.Please include productive respectful, and helpful input. We seek to improve our school and make it a positive place for all students, parents and community members. Results will be given to teachers and administrators and used to improve classrooms and schools. The surveys take about 10 minutes.  

You may take the survey on any computer or device that has web access. You are also welcome take the survey on a school computer. The survey is available in English and Spanish.

You can access the survey by following the link below: 


There is also a link to the survey on the school and district websites.  

This survey will be open through Friday, February 22nd.  You may receive more than one invitation or reminder to take the survey, but please take the survey only once per school.

Please note: 

Only select the teachers your student(s) have classes with this academic year (2018-2019).

If you have more than one child at the same school, please only take the survey once.  You will have the opportunity to provide feedback for multiple teachers at the school.  

If you have children attending multiple schools, please only take the survey once per school.  You will have the opportunity to provide feedback for multiple teachers at each school.  

Comments will be shared with administrators and teachers in their original form.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not provide any information that may directly or indirectly identify you (ex.: your name, your child’s name, your child’s gender, details of a specific incident or conversation, etc.).

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Wayne School District

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Wayne High School Hosts Region FFA

FFA2019Wayne High School has one of the top Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapters in the State of Utah. The chapter is very active in competitions and community service. On January 28th Wayne High School hosted the Region FFA competition. It was magnificently organized by the Wayne FFA Chapter. During a competition FFA members focus on skill development and career preparation. These competitive events develop individual responsibility, foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition and individual achievement. Successful members expand their knowledge base by interacting with peers, teachers, as well as business and community leaders to gain a complete and comprehensive knowledge about specific career and leadership areas. Some of the events that were organized included: Creed Speaking - FFA members recite the National FFA Creed to develop public speaking skills and self-confidence; Extemporaneous Public Speaking - Students showcase their agricultural knowledge and ability to think on their feet in front of a panel of judges: and Prepared Public Speaking - During the Prepared Public Speaking LDE, students present a speech on an agriculture-related topic. Wayne also took top honors in three of the Agricultural Proficiency Awards. Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs), have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers. We want to thank Mrs. Grundy for helping our kids understand so many topics that are vital to our community.

The Region Results are as follows:
Creed Speaking: Shaleen Nelson 3rd place
Extemporaneous Public Speaking: Braige Jacobson 3rd Place
Prepared Public Speaking: Aubree Brian 2nd Place
Discussion Meet (Participated): Addison Grundy, Vanessa Barlow
State Degree: Makeyla Bradbury, Wade Jeffery, Maloree Mitchell, Hannah Morrill, Brynnli Nelson, Traven Peterson, Dawson Rees, Gentry Taylor
State Placement: Traven Peterson (State Finalist)
Proficiency: Equine Business – Gentry Taylor – Region 1st; Agriculture Mechanics – Dawson Rees – Region 1st; Beef Production – Traven Peterson – Region 1st

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Loa Elementary Succeeds With STEM

Friday, January 25th, was a STEM Activities Day at Loa Elementary School, and all classes engaged in projects aimed at increasing their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This is an ongoing month event where Loa Elementary dedicates a day for the students to participate in STEM activities and projects.

The results were impressive as all teachers & students embarked on immersive learning experiments and activities that demonstrated concepts in a hands-on, engaging way. For example, Mrs. Jackson’s Kindergarten class made use of toothpicks and marshmallows to build structures, conveying the principles of engineering. Mrs. Brinkerhoff and Mrs. Potter’s First Grade classes combined to make bracelets that changed from white to dazzling colors when exposed to sunlight.

stem2019Mrs. Bradbury’s Second Grade class used Styrofoam cups to build pyramids, then had a contest to determine who could build the sturdiest structure for supporting the weight of textbooks. In Miss Davis’ Second Grade class, the principles of insulation, heat, and cold were learned with a bag of shortening and a bowl of ice cold water.

Third graders in Mrs. Barlow’s class mixed solutions of borax & water to learn how crystals are formed, among other projects. Mrs. Shields’ class of third graders went to the playground to learn whether things are pushed or pulled in a demonstration of force and motion.

In the fourth grade, Mrs. Ekker’s students discovered the principles of rock formation by using, of all things, chocolate and M&Ms. The fifth graders of Mrs. Torgerson made use of the school’s high-tech Legos to follow designs—building vehicles and other machines.

Each of these activities and projects had a specific focus that revealed a basic principle of STEM. The day was a great success in engaging students with the firsthand experience and excitement of learning about STEM via the result of their efforts both inside and outside the textbook. When you see the teachers, thank them for all the work they do to create this active learning environment.

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Hogle Zoo Art Exhibition Comes to Hanksville Elementary

hoglezooEach Year Hogle Zoo sponsors an annual art exhibit called World of the Wild. The goal of the exhibit is to bring together the works of artists who are interested in displaying their view of the wild animals, plants and places we share in the world. Pictures of animals is one of the oldest art forms. Ancient art depicting animals can be seen in caves in France, Spain and Australia. Closer to home Freemont and Anasazi animals drawing can be seen along many cliff faces throughout our area. Art can create a powerful link to learning. Heather Watts once said that, “Arts education is a big part of building a 21st century creative mind, and I think that we have let way too many kids lose their way by not drawing in their young minds with music, dance, painting and the other various ways we can express those things we do not have words for.” The Utah Division of Arts and Museums sponsors the Hogle Zoo exhibit, which enables schools to have the exhibit come to their school.

Mrs. Wilkins from Hanksville Elementary takes the opportunity with her students to enjoy that Worlds of the Wild art exhibit and they use it as an extension of their classroom. The students have used this year's exhibit to learn different elements of art such as line, shape, color, texture, etc. Each student will also be painting a picture of their animal choice. The school also offer the art to the community so that everyone can enjoy the beauty. As you look at the display ask yourself the following questions:

  • What emotions do you see in the picture?
  • How does piece make you feel?
  • Why do you think it makes you feel that way?

Thank You Hanksville Elementary for doing so much for our kids!!

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Learning About Utah Mining

miningMrs. Stringham's 7th grade Utah History students have been learning about Utah mining. Utah History covers many topics about the state of Utah, including history, geography and the economics of the state. Mrs. Stringham does a lot of hands on activities which help the students gain a deeper appreciation of the topics. The last activity was based on the mining industry. The class spent time "mining" for chocolate chips! Just like the original miners of Utah who mined for gold and silver, the class mined for chocolate chips. Each student participated by "buying" tools, "paying" for land, and "collecting" samples.

It was a fun and exciting day. Once the chips were extracted from the "land" (cookie), the students used their math skills to determine if they made a profit with their materials or lost money on their mining expedition. This class worked hard to see exactly what the "original miners" did and how they lived in the early 1800s in Utah. This has been a great class, and Mrs. Stringham is very pleased with their participation in the class and the activities. 

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