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    HOSA/FCCLA Opening Social


    On August 31st, the clubs FCCLA and HOSA conducted an Opening Social with their members and some other schools. The location of the event was at Fish Lake. The other schools consisted of Piute and North Sevier. At the Opening Social they had several activities and pizza with snow cones along with other foods. Due to COVID rules masks were worn and pizza was shared only amongst the individual schools. There were several events such as bingo and a poster making competition. This year the organizers for this event decided to do board/card games with members being swapped from every group every few minutes. The organizers for this year’s Opening Social were Jasper James(Wayne), Mizuki Ito(Wayne), and Sierra Bullard(North Sevier). The Advisors for the schools were Joni Taft(Wayne), Deborah James(Wayne), Coylene Brinkerhoff(North Sevier), Holly Westwood(Piute).

    -- by Mizuki Ito (Junior WHS)

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    Back to School 2020-2021

    Welcome back, Badgers! We are so excited to see you all. Also, welcome to all the freshmen and new students this year! We are so excited you’ve joined our Badger Nation. This year may be a bit different than previous years, but it is still going to great. We are all still adjusting to coming back to school, but don’t give up quite yet. It can only get better. (Plus, did you know it actually takes about 15 days to adjust to a change? Isn’t that crazy?) As we come back to school, don’t forget to support your fellow students in all their activities and academic endeavors. Also, don’t forget to show kindness to everyone you see. You don’t have to do something huge to help someone have a better day. A simple hello can sometimes change someone’s entire day. There’s a quote that goes: “Be someone who makes somebody else look forward to tomorrow.” As we all adjust to the changes that have come (and will continue coming), let’s be supportive and help each other out. Welcome back and have a great year, Badgers!

    --Elena Peterson (Sophomore WHS)



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    Volleyball! September 2020

    Last week the volleyball girls traveled over and played Escalante. They ended up only having 2 teams, a freshman team and a varsity team. The coaches, Tacey and Rachelle, decided that we would switch off and play the freshman and the JV. It was a very close game, we would each win a game and then lose one. Wayne ended up winning both the freshman and varsity games. This first week of September they have two home games against Bryce Valley and Green River.

    --Savannah Williams (Freshman WHS)


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