"Students who eat regular, healthy meals are less likely to be tired, are more attentive in class, and retain more information," Sean Patrick Corcoran, associate professor of economics and education policy at New York University's Steinhardt Schoool of Culture, Education and Human Development, explained in an article in the New York Times.

At Wayne Middle School, we have a great lunch program that allows students to eat for a low price or for free if families meet the free and reduced lunch requirements set by the state. If you would like to get a free reduced lunch application, come to the middle school office or go to the district office or see the district website.

Students need proper nutrition to maintain focus and develop strong habits. If you send your student with a home lunch, please make sure they have more than just a candy bar! We don't allow soda at school for any reason, lunch included. We want to encourage good habits, and eating healthy is one everybody should develop.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Stringham at (435)425-3421 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for allowing us to share your children for a few hours every day!

Students from WMS will have a swim party on Friday, September 2 from 10 am to Noon.  Please remember to bring a swimsuit and towel, NO BIKINI'S unless a t-shirt or tank top is worn over the top. 

Message from Snow College: You and your students are invited to attend the Snow College football game this Thursday 8/25 at 7PMFREE ADMISSIONS with a non-perishable food item! Plenty of FREE food, games, and give-a-way items! Help us spread the word and share with your employees and students. 
See you there!

by Stetsyn Lamb

WMS- In this past month the librarian, Lisa Stevens, has been handing out candy to those who have shown school spirit on Wolverine Wednesdays.

Every student shows school spirit in their own way, for example, Canyon Daley, 6th grade, said, “To me, Wolverine Pride means getting your homework in, so that you can play sports.”, while Rhylie Vandyke said, “Being honest and having integrity.” Three students were asked about what WMS could do better regarding school spirit. Rhylie Vandyke said, “Turning in work so that we can be more involved in activities” Canyon Daley said, “I think that we do pretty good, but we get too many AIM tickets” and, “I show school spirit by trying to get my homework in so that I can play sports, and just being a nice person overall”. When asked how she shows school spirit they said, Autumn Chestnut stated, “I wear school colors sometimes and turn in my work”.

As a Wolverine, you should know how important school spirit is. And, all this goes to show that WMS students are trying to show school spirit! They want to be involved and have less aim tickets given out. They also want everyone else to be involved. Help your fellow students achieve this goal, and show some Wolverine Pride!