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Free School Lunch!

Wayne School District has been approved to serve free lunches to all students even those who have not previously been on free lunch.

Here is how it works.  You have to have at least one student enrolled in one of the schools in our district.  Then all of your students can eat for free whether you qualify for free lunches or not.  This is also for preschool students as well.  If you have an older child that is enrolled in school and have preschool students at home, they can also eat for free.

Isn’t this exciting?  We will receive reimbursement for these meals from USDA at a rate higher than we charge for our full pay lunches.  So please don’t hesitate to let us help you through this trying COVID-19 time and feed your students lunch.
A sack lunch will be provided Monday - Thursday and will be delivered to each town.  The delivery places are as follows:
  • Loa at the school at 11:30
  • Lyman at the ball park at 11:30
  • Fremont at the park at 12:00
  • Bicknell at the high school at 11:30
  • Torrey at the park at 12:00
  • Teasdale at the park at 12:30
  • Hanksville at the school at 11:30 
We need parents to help us by calling the school secretaries to tell us how many of your students will be picking up a lunch.  We don't want to waste any food and so we need to get some kind of count. 

High school and middle school students who live in Loa, Fremont or Lyman will call Loa Elementary with their counts.  Elementary students who live in Bicknell, Torrey or Teasdale will call either the high school or the middle school with their counts and then the lunches will be delivered to the town where they live.

If you have questions, contact Coral Chappell, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 435-425-3813.
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