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Sept. 9, 2020 School Board Meeting

School Board Meeting

Join us for the Wayne School District Board Meeting on September 9, 2020 at 6 pm at Wayne High School. You can also join the meeting online through webex using the link or information below.

Meeting Number: 133 165 6787

Password: wayne2020

Meeting Agenda


I. 6:00 Administration
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance 
3. Reverence
4. Recognition
5. Approval of Minutes
II. 6:20 Financial Review 
1. Accounts Payable
III. 6:25 Citizen Comments (2 minutes max per individual, 10 minutes total for all comments) 
IV. 6:35 Information Items
1. Superintendent's Report
a. USBA Fall Regional Meetings
b. UHSAA By-Law change
c. Preschool Report
2. Committee Reports:
a. District Improvement
b. Ad Hoc - Roles and Responsibilities, and Goals
c. Facility Committee
V. Board Training
VI. 7:10 Business Items
1. Approve Salary Schedule 2020-2021 
2. Policies
a. First Reading
b. Second Reading
3. Cell Phone Reimbursement 
4. New Hires
5. Employee separations
VII. 8:00 Closed Session as permitted by Utah Code Annotated Section 52-4-205(1)(a). 
VIII. 8:30 Adjournment
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