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Creating Trees to Find Our Why at District PD Day

On September 18, 2020 Wayne School District employees boarded a bus and headed to Twin Creeks Pavilion for professional develoment. Employees were taught by members of the District Improvement Committee about finding their why. Employees learned about recognizing why they work for the district, who supports them to help keep them going and the successes and celebrations we experience that make all of the hard work worth it. Employees were asked to draw trees and apply these ideas to the trees. We learned about how we are all part of a forest and each of our trees are different just like we all bring different strengths and skills to contribute to the success of the district. We want to thank Jessica Grundy, Tracie Fallis and Tacie Wood for all of their hard work to make this professional development day a success. 

Sept 2020 PD Day

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