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Scope of Employment

Scope of Employment—

Employees of the District act within the scope of their employment only when acting to discharge duties for which they have been hired by the District or act under the direction of the Board, the Superintendent or the school Principal in the school where that employee works.  The following guidelines govern the scope of an employee’s duties:

Student Interaction—

The employees of the District should provide instruction, counseling and administrative tasks relating to students which require the presence of students on school premises within the regularly scheduled time of activities.

Meeting Outside of School Day—

Written approval of the Principal in the school where the employee works is required whenever it becomes necessary for a District employee to meet with a student(s) outside the regular school day or outside of the school premises.  School sponsored activities, such as student performances and athletic events, as well as related practices, involving the school’s athletic teams, clubs, or organizations that require an employee to meet with students outside of the regular school day do not require written approval of the Principal.  District employees shall supervise students appropriately at school and school-related activities.

After-hour activities involving students are to be held at the school whenever possible. If another location is necessary, prior written approval from the school principal is required.

Meeting with Individual Students—

A District employee is not authorized to meet alone with an individual student unless it is necessary in the performance of professional duties during school hours on school premises, i.e., counseling, disciplining, instructing and administrative tasks.  School hours are defined as hours from 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Employee Dress and Appearance—

  1. Employees of Wayne School District are expected to adhere to standards in grooming and dress which reflect a positive image to students and patrons and which are in keeping with generally accepted professional standards.
  2. Employees shall maintain standards of personal cleanliness which are conducive to good health and contribute to a pleasant working environment.
  3. Employees shall be neatly groomed and dressed in clothing which is suited to the day’s work or activity.
  4. Employees shall dress in a manner befitting adults who serve as role models for students.

Class Attendance—

All teachers shall be present in the classroom at any time when students are present in the classroom.  A justification exists for leaving students unattended in a classroom only in cases of emergency such as injury to a student requiring immediate attention, threat to health or safety of a student or personal emergency of the teacher.  Any other absences from the classroom must be expressly approved by the School Principal.

Provision of Transportation—

            Only certified bus drivers are allowed to provide bus transportation for students on regular school bus runs and activity trips.  Approved volunteers and school employees may provide transportation for students and other employees in other district vehicles.

Conflicting Employment—

No employee of the District shall obtain or maintain any other employment which may or does interfere with or substantially impede the discharge of the employee’s duties with the District.

Media Contacts—

All District employees shall coordinate with the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee all materials prepared for publication regarding District matters.  Where possible, all employees shall consult with the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee prior to providing any statements regarding District matters to any member of the media.

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