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Immunity from Liability—

Volunteers who are properly recognized by the school or by the District and who are performing an approved service as assigned by the school or District are considered an employee of the District for purposes of:

  1. receiving worker's compensation medical benefits, which shall be the exclusive remedy for all injuries and occupational diseases as provided under the Worker's Compensation Act;
  2. the operation of motor vehicles or equipment if the volunteer is properly licensed and authorized to do so;
  3. liability protection and indemnification normally afforded paid employees of the District.

A "volunteer" is a person who donates services without pay or other compensation except expenses actually and reasonably incurred as approved by the District.  A volunteer may not donate any service to the District unless the volunteer's services are approved by the Superintendent or an authorized designee, and by the District's personnel office.

Utah Code § 67-20-3 (2013)

Utah Code § 67-20-4 (2014)

Utah Admin. Rules R37-1-4 (June 1, 2010)

Background Check-

Volunteers will be required to submit to a criminal background check at the Board’s expense.

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