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Created:  18 October 2006

Modified:  30 April 2020

Modified: 12 July 2023

Credit for Prior Teaching

Credit for Experience—

In the event the District negotiates the amount paid as salary, step and ladder placement for an individual contract of employment with a new certified employee in the District, the Board shall grant credit for prior teaching experience in public schools of the State of Utah up to the number of years the employee has in the same position outside of the district.

Utah Code § 53F-2-305(3) (2020) 

Partial Year Experience

In calculating credit for experience for compensation purposes only, the certified employee shall be given partial credit for less than a full school year in an amount proportionate to that part of the year worked by the employee.

Interpretation of this Policy

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to require recognition of prior credit for teaching outside the District or for partial credit for less than a full school year in determining whether a certified employee has an expectation of continued employment under the District’s Orderly Termination Policy.

Further, nothing in this policy shall be construed to mean that teaching experience is the only or most important factor in making employment decisions because certified employees should be employed based upon all factors related to professional qualifications.

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