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Created: 12 December 2007

Modified:  17 May 2021

Approved: 7 August 2019

Source: USBA

Employment Relations: 

Employee Associations and Wage Deductions

Association Membership—

No person shall be granted or denied District employment by reason of membership or non-membership in any labor organization, labor union or any other lawful type of association.

Utah Code § 34-34-2 (2011)

Deductions for Association Dues—

The District shall, upon written request from an employee, deduct a specified sum from the employee's wages, not to exceed 3% per month, and pay such sum to the employee association designated by the employee for association dues. The District shall cease making such deductions upon written request from the employee directing that the deductions cease.

Utah Code § 34-32-1 (2011)

Deductions for Political Purposes Prohibited—

The District may not deduct any amount from an employee's wages which are to be paid to:

  • A candidate;
  • A personal campaign committee;
  • A political action or political issue committee;
  • A registered political party;
  • A political fund; or,
  • Any entity established by a labor organization (including any employee association) to solicit, collect, or distribute monies primarily for political purposes.

The District shall comply with the requirements of this policy in employing any personnel either by individual contract or collective bargaining.

Utah Code § 34-32-1.1 (2012)

Utah Code § 53G-11-202 (2018)

Utah Code § 20A-11-101(4), (33), (35), (38), (51) (2021)

Utah Code § 20A-11-1402(1)(c) (2004)

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