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DCE - Salary Guidelines

Approved: March 8, 2022




The Board recognizes that in order to attract and retain the best qualified individuals to manage the educational process and deliver quality educational services there must be a fair compensation plan including adequate base salary, increments for experience, and increasing education and salary incentives.

The Board will meet with the Superintendent and Business Administrator, as well as with representatives of the district’s several categories of professional staff employees annually to review all proposed salary schedules.

It is the policy of the Board to approve salary schedules annually. Once adopted by the Board, the salary schedule shall be regarded as policy.

After salary schedules have been approved, the Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility for implementing the salary policy.


  1. The Board will also enter into an annual contract with each certified employee of Wayne School District.
  2. The contract will describe the general services to be rendered by the employee and general terms of employment, including contract date, number of contract days, the level and step attained by the employee, the annual contract amount, and the monthly gross to be paid. The contract will also include supplementary duties for which additional compensation is paid on an annual or seasonal basis.
  3. With recommendations from the Superintendent, the Board will form a Salary Schedule committee to represent each professional staff category. The committee will be formed or reviewed annually by the Board. The committee’s objective is not to create or formally set salary schedules, but to provide the Board of Education, the Superintendent, and the Business Administrator with fair feedback from the professional staff each member represents. The committee shall include one or two board members, the superintendent, the district business administrator, one building principal, one teacher from each school, one or two paraprofessionals, a classified part time employee, and a classified full time employee. The committee may also include additional participates if approved by the Board. It shall be the intent of the Board to insure that each category of Wayne School Districts’ staff is fairly represented on the committee.
  4. It is the role and responsibility of the Business Administrator to review and complete job studies and create examples of compensation packages that align with the district’s annual budget. The Superintendent and Business Administrator will then present those options to the salary committee to receive and record feedback from all members. The recorded feedback will then accompany their annual presentation of salary schedules to the Board for approval.
  5. The Superintendent and Business Administrator will present proposed salary schedules to the Board for approval at the June School Board meeting each year.
  6. Contract forms and contents will meet the requirements of state regulations.
  7. In order to receive adjustments on the salary schedule for additional credits earned refer to policy DCD.
  8. Credit for prior teaching experience refer to policy DHCD.
  9. For guidelines concerning benefits, pay rates/steps and lanes, and employee leave, refer to policies DHE and DHDA.


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