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Created:  15 April 2015

Modified:  29 May 2019

Approved: 7 August 2019


Classified Employees

Job Descriptions—

The Board shall adopt policies specifying the duties of each of its classified positions of employment. The Board shall assign positions of employment to meet the specific needs of the District.

Utah Code § 53G-4-402 (2020)

Benefits for Employees Hired after July 1, 2013—

Unless otherwise defined by District policy or negotiated agreement and subject to Federal law, a classified employee hired on or after July 1, 2013:

1.  may be required to work twenty (20) hours or more in a regular work week; and

2.  may be exempt from receiving benefits normally provided to classified employees.

Utah Code § 49-12-102(5)(c) (2018)

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