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HES Community Council Meeting Minutes Dec. 16, 2021

HES Community Council Minutes 12/16/21
Meeting started at 3:00PM
Attendance: Wendy, Kaycee, Chylene, Jan, & Curtis
Approval of minutes for 10/21/21 All
Jan Welcomed all in attendance.
Chylene had everyone do the online training for SLT 2021.
Michele Ekker would like to be on the council and will attend our next meeting.
We talked about the Parent & Family Engagement Policy and made a few changes.
Chylene will finish it up and send it to Wendy to get it on the web site.
There were a few questions about the funds that needed to be spent. Wendy was going
to check with Andrea about other needs and software questions.
*Do we need any software for speech?
*Are there any other software needs?
We are still planning on a few activities that are coming up and need some funding.
*STEM with Mrs. Lusko Feb or March
*Art with Mrs. Sorber January 20th
*Plan B on January 13th
Kayce would like to work on a behavior plan and she will think about what she would
like to look like. Maybe the Community Council could help her put something together.
We will talk more about this at the next meeting.
Our next meeting will be on January 20th at 3:00PM
Adjourned at 3:55pm
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