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HES Community Council Meeting Minutes January 20, 2022

HES Community Council Minutes
Meeting started at 2:50
Attendance: Wendy, Kaycee, Chylene, & Jan
Approval of minutes for 12/16/21 Wendy approved & all in favor
Jan welcomed all in attendance.
We discussed what items to buy with supply money that is available.
Kaycee expressed a need for microscopes that would work with the student ipads. She has a couple of upcoming science projects where the students would like to use microsopes. 
Also she asked about getting a few more 3D Doodlers for the class. The class has been using them and it helps a lot with hand eye coordination.
She would like to buy some more Lego type Meepers. We have a couple already but would like to get a few more for STEM projects.
Chylene will order 4 microscopes, 4 3D Doodlers and Owl Pellets.
We will put the Meeprs on hold for now due to funding.
Wendy will check on a few things such as a typing app & lego kits and bring information to our next meeting.
A couple of upcoming events.
CUES Planetarium Mar 7, 2022
Need to get a STEM project schedule with Saleta Lusko for March
We worked on a draft plan fro 2022-2023 school year
We will keep the same reading goals for next year with the same plan.
We may need to adjust the math testing to be from Acadience instead of Invision. 
We also looked at a 3% increase in Math.
Wendy will put together a draft and she will have it for the next meeting.
She doesn't have the $ amount from the state yet so, when she gets it she will be able to put those numbers in the plan.
Kaycee will work on the Behavior plan and present it in the February meeting. Then we will finalize it altogether.
Adjourned at 3:55 pm.
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