Below are links to the routes for the buses in the district. Each link will open a map in Google maps.

Bus 7 Fremont, Elementary, AM Route 04A - First Stop, 7:18 AM

Bus 7 Fremont/Lyman, Elementary, PM Route

Hanskville, AM Route 12A - First Stop, 6:25 AM

Hanksville, PM Route 12P - Final Stop, 4:31 PM

Torrey/Teasedale, AM Route 03A - First Stop, 7:10 AM

Torrey/Teasedale, PM Route 03P - Final Stop, 3:55 PM

Fremont/Lyman, Kyle, AM Route 02A - First Stop, 7:02 AM

Fremont/Lyman, Kyle, PM Route 03P - Final Stop, 3:53 PM

Monday/Wednesday Pre-School Route - Final Stop, 11:42 AM

Tuesday/Thursday Pre-School Route - Final Stop, 11:30 AM

Loa/Bicknell, Kerry, AM Route 5A - First Stop, 7:03 AM

Loa/Bicknell, Kerry, PM Route 5P - Final Stop, 3:52 PM