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Employment Requirements: 

Physical Examinations and Communicable Diseases

Physical and Mental Examinations—

The District may require an applicant for employment or an employee to provide satisfactory evidence that the applicant or employee is mentally and physically qualified to perform the duties of the job.  Satisfactory evidence may include, but is not limited to, regular mental or physical examinations by a qualified physician.

Confidentiality of Examination Results—

Evidence of mental or physical condition provided by an applicant or employee, pursuant to the previous section, is deemed private and may be disclosed only to:

  1. The applicant or employee, or a designated representative of the applicant or employee;
  2. School officers and members of the Board;
  3. The Department of Health;
  4. Local health authorities;
  5. The physician or other authorized person(s) who performed the examination(s);
  6. A health care professional who has legitimate need to know the test result in order to provide for the health care provider's protection and welfare; or,
  7. Persons or entities or classes of persons or entities authorized by written release signed by the applicant or employee.

Information from the State Board—

An administrator may obtain any information in the possession of the State Board of Education, which is relevant to evaluating the employment of a currant or prospective employee of the school.  If a decision is made not to hire a prospective employee or to take action against a current employee based upon such information, the individual affected shall be given notice of the information and be provided an opportunity to refute or respond to the information.  An administrator who, in good faith, discloses or receives information under this section is exempt from civil liability relating to the receipt or disclosure.

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