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Created:  9 October 2007

Modified: 23 May 2019

Approved: 7 August 2019

Employee Acceptable Use of District Electronic Devices


District electronic devices shall be used to support the educational and business requirements of the District. District electronic devices shall be used in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and in a cost-effective and ethical manner. This policy also applies to usage of private electronic devices by District employees to the extent used for District business. Failure to comply with this policy may result in suspension of the privilege of using a District electronic device, disciplinary action, or both.


  1. “Electronic device” means a device that is used for audio, video, or text communication or any other type of computer or computer-like instrument Including:
    1. A smart phone;
    2. A smart or electronic watch;
    3. A tablet; or
    4. A virtual reality device.
  2. “District electronic device” means an electronic device which is identified as being owned, provided, issued or lent by the District to an employee or student.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-495-2(2), (6) (April 8, 2019)

Eligible Users—

District electronic devices are to be used only by District employees. All employees requiring the use of a District electronic device shall read this policy and sign the declaration of having done so which is Exhibit 1 to this policy.

Acceptable Use—

District electronic devices, or any electronic device primarily used to conduct District business, must be used in accordance with the following standards, in addition to those set out in Policy DMA:

  1. District electronic devices are to be used only for District business. Personal use of these devices is prohibited except in emergency situations or with pre-approval from the superintendent or school principal or designee. In the event personal calls are made or received on a District electronic device, including personal emergency calls, the employee must reimburse the District for all costs incurred.
  2. District electronic devices are valuable and should be handled with care. Loss, theft, or damage to a District electronic device must be reported immediately to the user’s supervisor. If loss, theft, or damage occurs as a result of employee negligence, the employee to whom the device is assigned will be responsible for reimbursing the District for repair or replacement costs. 
  3. District electronic devices are to be used in an ethical and responsible manner. No employee is to use a District electronic device for the purpose of illegal transactions, harassment, obscene or offensive behavior, to access or create inappropriate matter, for unauthorized access to an electronic network or files or another electronic device (hacking or similar unlawful behavior) or other violations of District policies or federal, state, or local laws, regardless of whether the device is located on District property when the misuse occurs or is located elsewhere.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-495-4(1)(b), (f), (3)(a), (4)(a) (April 8, 2019)

  1. If the employee assigned to use the District electronic device does not return the device and/or related equipment when requested, the employee will be required to reimburse the District for the purchase price of the device and/or related equipment.
  2. Employees have no expectation of privacy in using District electronic devices. Such devices and all information contained on them may be inspected or searched at any time, either directly or remotely. Employees are prohibited from operating District devices in such a way as to conceal the use which has been made of the device, nor may employees install or permit installation of software or other means to accomplish the same purpose. Employees should be aware that a personal electronic device which is used to conduct District business may become subject to public records requests or other legally required disclosure to the extent of such use. 
  3. District electronic devices should be used judiciously during instructional time or at school-sponsored programs, meetings, in-services, conferences with parents or guardians, or any other time where there would be a reasonable expectation of quiet attentiveness. 
  4. District electronic devices are to be used in a safe manner. Employees should not use these devices while operating a non-District motor vehicle except to the extent permitted by governing motor vehicle or other laws. (General restrictions on use of electronic devices while operating District vehicles are set out in Policy DMA and specific restrictions applicable to school buses are set out in Policy CJDG.)

Misuse of District Electronic Device—

An employee who is issued or provided a District electronic device remains at all times responsible for that device. The employee will be held responsible for use or misuse of the device by the employee or by anyone else, except for uses occurring after the employee has given the District notice that the device has been lost or stolen. Consequences of misusing a District electronic device may include adverse employment action up to and including termination from employment.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-495-4(3)(b) (April 8, 2019)

Responsibility for Device Cancellation Charges—

If an employee misuses a District electronic device or leaves District employment, the employee may be responsible for fees or charges associated with cancellation of the service contract. 

If the Superintendent or designee determines that the employee no longer needs a District electronic device to perform the employee’s job responsibilities, any fees or charges associated with cancellation of the service contract shall be the responsibility of the District. 

Policy Exhibit #1


Employee Declaration—

I, _____________________________________ , have read and understood Policy DMB, Employee Acceptable Use of District Electronic Devices, and agree to adhere to the rules outlined therein.


_________________________________          ___________________

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