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Section D: Personnel


DAA—Employment Objectives: Nondiscrimination

DAB—Employment: Licensure

DABA - Employment: Paraprofessional Qualifications

DAC—Employment: Background Checks

DACA—Employment: Personal Reporting of Arrests and Convictions

DAD—Employment: Scope of Employment

DADA—Employment: Transfers

DAE—Employee Conflict of Interest

DAF—Ethics Policy Regarding Private But Public Education-Related Activities

DAG—Employee Drug Policy

DAG—Policy Exhibit 1

             DAGA—Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace Policy

DAH—Drug Testing of Bus Drivers

DAI—Staff Code of Conduct

DBA—Contracts: Certified Employees

DBB—Contracts: Classified Employees

DBBA—Employment Requirements:  Physical Examinations and Communicable Diseases

DBC—No Implied Contract Rights

DBD—Career Status Not Available in Extra Duty Portion of Teacher Contracts

DBE—Student Teachers and Interns


DBG—Reemployment of Retired Employees

DCA—Administration Relations

DCB—Mediation of Contract Negotiations

DCC—Association and Organization Participation

DCD—Salary Lane Changes

DCE - Salary Guidelines

DDA—Reporting of Child Abuse

DDAA—Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

DDB—Reporting of Student Prohibited Acts

DDC—Dangerous Materials on District Property

DEA—Workers Compensation

DEAB—Procurement of Workers Compensation Insurance

DEAC—Personal Protective Equipment


           DEBA—School Board Retirement

           DEBB - Retirement Exemption Eligibility

DEC—Risk Management Coverage for Employees

           DEC—Policy Exhibit 1

DED—Working Hours/Overtime

           DEDA—Overtime Rule for Nonexempt Employees

DFA—Professional Development Plans

DFB—Employees Suggestion Program

DFC - Employee Surveys

DFD—Continuing Education Reimbursement

DFF—Employee Rights

DG—Certified Employee Evaluation

DGA - Classified Employee Evaluation

DGD—Liability: Volunteers

DHA—Orderly Termination 

DHB—Reduction in Force

DHC—Redress of Grievances

DHCD—Credit for Prior Teaching

DHD—Employment Relations: Employee Associations and Wage Deductions

DHDA—Employment Relations: Employee Associations and Leave

DHE - Employee Leave and Pay Policies

DI—Legal Defense of Employees

DJ—Employee References and Letters of Recommendation

DKAB–Hiring Preference of Veterans and Veterans’ Spouses


DKB—Sexual Harassment

DKB—Policy Exhibit 1

DKBA—District Employee and Student Relations

DKC—Family Medical Leave Policy

DKC—Policy Exhibit 1

DKC—Policy Exhibit 2

DKD—Nursing Mothers in the Workplace

DLA—Employee Bullying or Hazing

DLB—Grievances Regarding Abusive Conduct

DMA—Employee Acceptable Use of Personally Owned Electronic Communications Devices Policy

DMB—Acceptable Use of Electronic Communications Devices to Conduct District Business Policy

DMC—Use of District Email for Political Purposes

DMCC—Cell Phone Reimbursement

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