Loa Elementary Engineers at Work

Loa Elementary Engineers

Loa Elementary School started focusing on STEAM last year and we loved it so much we continued it this year. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. We divide the entire school into five groups and rotate through each of these areas. On September 8th, we had a grand time in Engineering! The students learned what engineering is and some of the different types of engineers. Engineers are people who design or build something to make our lives better. Engineers usually start with a problem that needs to be solved and then find a way to solve the problem.

On September 8th, the problem we needed to solve as engineers was how to scratch our backs. You know that place that you just can't quite reach. So, the students were put into groups and could choose from a number of provided items to create their back scratcher. They could choose from toothbrushes, paint sticks, plastic bottle tops, metal bottle tops, twigs, dish scrubbies, pipe cleaners, forks, spoons, and nail brushes. The students had to design their back scratcher and test it to see if it would work, then make changes if necessary. The back scratchers were then put to the test by the Loa Elementary Staff! The staff voted for their favorite one, and the winners were awarded with a treat. The students had a great time and came up with some really creative ideas. We would like to thank Loa Builders for their donation of the paint sticks and WCHC Dental for their donation of the toothbrushes!

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STEM Activities in Wayne Middle School

STEMSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is integrated into all of our schools. STEM curriculum uses real-world applications as the basis for activities. Students learn how problem solving and the scientific process apply to everyday situations. The curriculum aims to get students interested in STEM areas and improve proficiency in those areas.

A STEM lesson plan often starts by presenting students with a problem. Students gather information and conduct experiments to test theories. One example in Wayne School District is Mrs. Stringham's 7th grade Utah Studies class. The class has been learning about the geology of Utah. One of the exciting natural forces that helped to shape our state is the earthquake. After learning about how often earthquakes occur in Utah, the class created marshmallow and toothpick structures. These structures were designed to withhold the simulated quaking of a 3.3, 5.2, and 9.2 earthquake! The Utah landscape was designed with Jell-O. After each structure was tested all of the structures held (with just a little damage)!

Mrs. Stringham's Utah Studies class had a great time learning about natural forces of Utah and pondering when the next "big one" will hit!

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Badger Academy

School has started for the 2017-2018 school year and you may have noticed some changes throughout the district. Most notable, Wayne High School has moved from a traditional seven-period day to a 5 x 5 block schedule. In a 5 x 5 block the school start and end times remain the same but the students have five longer classes per day. The first day (A-day) the students have five classes, the second day (B-day) students have five different classes. The block allows the school to offer additional classes not available in the past.

One critical class we have added this year is Badger Academy. This class is for 9th graders who are making the pivotal transition into high school. As they face the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual challenges of this stage of development, it is easy for them to feel overwhelmed, confused and alone. Research suggests that students who navigate this transition into high school successfully are far more likely to stay in school and graduate than those who struggle.

Many of the freshman academies that do exist in other schools have reported great success. According to research some positives of freshman academies include improvements in attendance, school behavior, teacher morale, and parental contact. Students also realize increased academic success as can be seen from the reduction of freshman class failures and an increase in scores on standardized tests.

Mrs. Shannon Robertson is teaching the Badger Academy. She has high expectations for the incoming freshman and hope to encourage study skills, academic success skills, stress management, and social/life skills. The 9th grade class is already a valued part of Wayne High. Many of them are members of teams and clubs. It is hoped Badger Academy will help them reach new heights.

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DIBELS at Loa Elementary School

DIBLESAt Loa Elementary School we use DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) for assessing the acquisition of early literacy skills. The students in the elementary are regularly tested to track the extent they are meeting their literacy goals. It has been shown that students who have high literacy skills by the end of the 3rd grade will more successful throughout the remainder of their school years. The state measures the percentage of students that make typical growth or better. The state expectation for the 3rd grade is 47.83% of the students making typical growth or better. The Utah State Board of Education recently informed us that the 3rd grade growth rate at Loa Elementary was 93%. This is impressive growth and hats off to Ashlee Jackson and Stephanie Williams who were the 3rd grade teachers and to the Loa Elementary reading tutors. This phenomenal growth in literacy is just part of the excellent education the students are receiving at Loa Elementary. The teachers and principal at Loa Elementary are committed to continue the outstanding education that our children deserve.

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Wayne Schools Start a New Year

Nearly 450 students will return to classes on August 23rd at the four schools in the Wayne School District. Principal, teachers and staff are excited to come back after the summer to be once again teaching the great kids in Wayne County. 

Registration and Back to School nights will be different at each district school: 

Hanksville Elementary: 
Registration: Come in when you bring your child to school 
Preschool Registration: Aug 23 from 1:00 to 3:00
Back to School: August 29 at 5:00

Loa Elementary 
Registration: During Back to School night 
Back to School: August 22 at 4:00

Wayne Middle 
Registration: During Back to School night 
Back to School: August 22 at 6:00

Wayne High 
Registration: August 15 from 9-2 and August 16 from 1-4
Back to School: August 28 at 6:00

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Wayne School Facilities Continue to Improve

PlaygroundsDuring the summer months schools are closed, but that does not mean that there is no activity. Each summer the maintenance and technology staffs of Wayne School District work endless hours maintaining the buildings and updating the facilities. This year the district staff completed many projects that will improve the quality of our children’s education and their quality of life. One our big projects was to upgrade the playground facilities at our elementary schools. We removed many of the old pieces of equipment and added several new items. In Hanksville a new big toy was added, and soft wood chips we put under much of the play areas in Hanksville and Loa. Wayne Middle School replaced it old computer lab with the newest equipment. Boiler repairs were made at Loa Elementary. Many rooms in the district received new carpet including the high school auditorium. We have put up new shades in a number of classrooms in the middle and elementary school. New steps were poured for the county library that is attached to the district office. Many other projects have been completed so that our schools will be ready and safe when the new school year starts on August 23rd.

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