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Defeat of the Voted Local Levy

Wayne School District is disappointed with the results of the vote on the Voted Local Levy. We were also very disappointed with the lack of participation in the public meetings we offered as we tried to provide information regarding this important issue. The passage of this vote would have provided some very substantial, necessary funds for the day-to-day operations of the District. The absence of these funds will force School Administration and School Board members to make some very difficult decisions regarding programs and personnel beginning immediately. The loss of this anticipated revenue will force a very different conversation regarding decisions that must be considered as budget plans are already moving forward for the 2015-2016 school year.

We want to thank you the public for your participation in this important election process and feel encouraged that we had 58% voter participation. We also want to commit to you, that the dedicated faculty, staff, and Administration of Wayne School District will continue to provide the very best education possible. As education professionals, we will still work at full capacity to try to ensure success for all students.

We will encourage your support and encouragement as these tough and probably unpopular decisions are made. We encourage your constructive suggestions and accept the challenge to continue to work together as education stakeholders for the benefit of our students.


Mission Statement

"The Wayne County School District Community will provide opportunities for all students to achieve educational, career and personal success."

Excellence In Education

Wayne County School District will focus efforts and resources on providing an excellent education experience for all student and district patrons.

Excellence in Education in Wayne County School District Action Steps:

Encourage positive communiation to ensure district unity and professionalism.

Set, prioritize and implement goals pursuant to district mission.

Excellence in Education in Wayne County School District will be acheived:

As we collect, examine and utilize academic and social data as we see increased school spirit and positive morale district wide.

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