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Wayne High School Campus Policy

Wayne High School Campus is closed: Monday-Friday 7:56AM-12:07PM & 12:51PM-3:10PM

Wayne High School Campus is open: Monday-Thursday 12:07-12:51PM

Wayne School District will not be liable for students when they are off campus.

During the hours of Open Campus the students:

  • Are allowed to leave campus without documented parent authorization.
  • Could be marked tardy or absent depending on when they return to the campus (See WHS Attendance Policy)

During the hours of Closed Campus the students:

  • Will only be allowed to leave campus with documented parent authorization.
  • Will only be excused from office.
  • Will need to check out and back in through the office when they return.
  • Will be considered truant if they leave campus without correct authorization.
  • Will receive after school detention (ASD) for truancy.


  • Are to report to the main office.
  • Student's relatives or friends are not allowed to attend school or be on school grounds during school hours.
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