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Beating Down the Cougars

On the 26th the Badgers travelled to Mounment Valley and faced off against the Cougars.  In the first quarter Wayne out scored them 19-15.  The out scoring didn’t change when Wayne raised the score

another 19 points bringing the first half to a close with a 38-31 lead.  After the half Wayne didn’t let up and raised the score another 28 points.  With the score at 66-41 everyone thought that the game was over.  Everyone except the Cougars.  In a second wind battle the Cougars came back with a 34 point shooting spree.  This was not enough to overcome the Badgers lead and they claimed victory with a 80-75 win on the road.  Our top scorer of the game was again Garrett Chappell.  He contributed 4 3-pointers and an overall score of 32.  The Badgers next game is in Whitehorse on the 27th.  Good luck Badgers.  The Badgers record is now 11-5.

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